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A boy walks along a long dark road alone, it is really dark hard to find a place to rest he knows if he will stop moving he will die in that dark place all alone. He doesn't stops he keeps on moving and moving at some places he starts running and he slows down at some places but doesn't rests, pushes his body to the limits. The only thing which keeps him moving in the dark place is hope, hope to find light. A place where he can rest, a place where he will find his true potential that place is called destiny. He works hard to accomplish his dreams to reach his destiny. There will be a lot of hurdles in between but he keeps on moving, he reaches a stage were he knows if he gives up now he will be trapped in the dark forever. Nobody loves to live in the darkness forever unless he's batman, batman loves the dark. At last he reaches the place called light ,the place called destiny ,the place he has been working so hard for, he stays there for sometime and moves forward because good times never stay forever.

This world is not a permanent place for us

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