LiSA's band Ramenz: First and Second Generation

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 First generation Ramenz with LiSA.

LiSA(Love is Same All/Live is Smile Always)
is a rising Japanese pop/rock/anisong(anime song) singer and dubbed as Japan's pop princess or Jpop princess. Performing to sold out shows and concerts with tickets selling like hot pancakes, there is no doubt that her career as a singer is yet to bloom more grandiosely in the coming years.

Aside from her pure determination to reach her dreams, her success as a solo artist wouldn't be achieved without the band that supports her music and live performances. This band is whom the Jpop princess called Ramenz (ラーメンズ).


Ramenz (ラーメンズ) is a band formed to support LiSA. Members of this band came from different bands and of course are committed to their respective original bands but with a good time management, they had somehow managed to have some ample time to perform and share one stage with the pop princess. Isn't it wonderful to see musicians from different bands coming together to play songs?

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First generation Ramenz at a ramen store.

Why are they called Ramenz, you may ask? Honestly, I don't know and being a fan of LiSA for almost four years already, I haven't yet encountered any article, fan discussion or even a tweet from LiSA explaining the reason behind the name Ramenz. I think nobody has ever dug the reason behind why they were called such. All we know is that they were called Ramenz by LiSA.

My very wild guess about it is that LiSA made a wordplay with the ever famous Japanese food ramen. As you can see, the word "men" in ramen would perfectly pertain to her male band members and since there were five men in her band, she turned it into "ramens". (Actually "ramen" without the "s" is the plural form itself. There is no such word as ramens.)

You may also ask why "z" when it should end with "s"? Well, I was also puzzled by this at first. I thought it was just changed to "z" to make it sound cool but I was wrong. In Japanese writing, ramens can be written in two ways. (らーめんず) in Hiragana or (ラーメンズ) in Katakana. Either way of writing them, when converted to Romaji, the Hiragana and Katakana characters will become "ramenzu". But when you pronounce it, it becomes ramenz with the letter "u" being dropped off or spoken with a bit soft "u" that is almost unnoticeable to the ears. I hope you understood what I am trying to explain here! (Hehe)

Anyway, here's wilder guess. Probably these band members just love eating ramen after their band rehearsals with LiSA and so she thought of naming her band Ramenz! (Ramen is a noodle soup which is widely popular in Japan.)

Before we all get starved, I would like to tell that the Ramenz band is composed of a drummer, keyboardist, bassist and two guitarist. Five members in total.

(video source:
LiSA introducing her band before she sings her song "Rock Mode" during her Live is Smile Always "Another Great Day" concert at the Nippon Budokan last January 03, 2014.

As I have said, they came from different bands which means that their stay in the Ramenz band is unpredicted. Two months ago, most of the original Ramenz members had bid farewell to the band due to prior commitments with their original bands which resulted to the recruitment of new members to fill in the vacated spots.

To make things simple, I will refer the original Ramenz members as the "first generation" while the current as "second generation". Now let's talk about the first generation Ramenz first. The first generation members had been with LiSA since her solo debut last April 20, 2011 and the release of her first mini album entitled "Letters to U". They had also appeared to some of LiSA's music videos such as "Best Day, Best Way", "Rising Hope" and to her latest song "Hi FiVE!".

On LiSA's 2015 concert Pink and Black at the Nippon Budokan, she had the Ramenz join her on the circle area of the stage which was also the front stage wherein they sang the acoustic song Tokyo Love Song. She gave her band the chance to go front stage since they were at the back the whole concert.

Most of their international full band shows are on anime conventions like AFA(Anime Festival Asia). They had also performed at Anime Expo last 2012 at Los Angeles, California, wherein LiSA never missed to sing Crossing Field, the song which greatly pushed her to fame. Last 2015, they had their Asia Tour in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan and Singapore. Their last international full band show was in Jakarta, Indonesia for the Anime Festival Asia 2015. Sadly, THE ODGE wasn't able to come with them and was temporarily proxied by another guitarist.

Apart from being a band, some Ramenz members also acted as cute background dancers on LiSA's dance tutorial for her song "Say My Name no Kataomoi" where they wore an animal suit. 

Now with all my stalking or should I say "searching" skills, I have successfully compiled some information including their real names, birthdays and social media accounts which was really difficult to find because of the language barrier or perhaps it has something to do with popularity too. I also tried monitoring their online activities on social media(Haha! Stalker much!).

So now, feast my fellow LiSA fans and curious readers out there as we take a closer look to the first generation Ramenz!

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From left to right: King, Ken-chan, LiSA, Unochan, THE ODGE, Co-k.

鈴木浩之 (Hiroyuki Suzuki) a.k.a. King 

Birthdate: May 26
Twitter: bonzofreak
Instagram: bonzofreak
Facebook: /profile.php?id=100002403328774

The drummer. King or "Kingu"(that's how LiSA says it) has been with several bands like U&DESIGN, QUADRANGLE , GOLIATH, Schroeder-Headz, ART-SCHOOL, sleepy.ab and a supporting band to solo artist Neat's. He is currently making music with QUADRANGLE wherein their song "Reason Triangle" is being used as an opening theme song to the ongoing anime Joker Game.

Despite his schedules piling up one after another, he was still able to play at LiSA's Mega Speaker concert last December 23, 2015 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. His last performance as a Ramenz member was at a show last February 20. After that, he disbanded with Ramenz and focused on QUADRANGLE. His last photo with LiSA was at a barbecue party with some staff and Ramenz members last March 14, 2016.

▪ Appearances on LiSA's music videos: "Best Day, Best Way" and "Rising Hope".

▪ Online activity: Often updates on Twitter and shares them on Facebook while he seldom posts on Instagram.

宇野剛史 (Takeshi Uno) a.k.a. Unochan 

Birthdate: December 24, 1977
Twitter: unochannel_net
Instagram: unochannel
Facebook: /

The bassist. Unochan, like King, is also a member of the bands QUADRANGLE, ART-SCHOOL and GOLIATH. He is probably the closest with King among the members of Ramenz since they have also been working together in the same bands outside Ramenz so it's no surprise seeing them together most of time on photos or seeing them side by side on most Ramenz group photos.

He enjoys traveling as written on his Twitter and Instagram bio. He was also present during LiSA's Mega Speaker concert and was last seen on the music video "Hi FiVE!" from LiSA's second mini album "LUCKY Hi FiVE!" which was released last April 20, 2016. He went missing in action as LiSA's Hi FiVE tours began and went full time with his band QUADRANGLE.

▪ Appearances on LiSA's music videos: "Best Day, Best Way","Rising Hope" and "Hi FiVE!".

▪ Online activity: Active on Twitter and Instagram but seldom on Facebook. His last post on Facebook was last November 18, 2015.

高慶卓史 (Takafumi Kokei) a.k.a. Co-K 

Birthdate: December 23, 1983
Twitter: kokei_takafumi
Facebook: /takafumi.kokei

The guitarist. Takafumi Kokei is often called as Co-K先生("sensei" is a Japanese word meaning "teacher") by LiSA. Co-K also plays the acoustic guitar during LiSA's mini concerts and shows within and outside Japan. He played acoustic songs for the "Another Great Day" mini concerts of LiSA in countries particularly in Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Recently, he went with Noma-san(part-time keyboardist of Ramenz; you'll get to know him later) and LiSA to the Penang Anime Matsuri in Malaysia to perform a set of acoustic songs at the festival's Anisong(anime song) concert. After that, the trio flew to Taiwan for a mini Hi FiVE acoustic concert. Now I can say that he must be the Ramenz member that has spent the most time with the Jpop princess.

(video source:
Co-K playing an acoustic version of LiSA's song "Crow Song" from the anime "Angel Beats!" in Another Great Day in Mexico last 2015.

Some other live acoustic versions he had done with LiSA which are available online are Oath Sign, Believe in Myself, Mousou Controller, Confidence Driver and HANDS & SMiLE.

While most members of Ramenz left the band, Co-K was the only one who remained. I have also thought that he is the member who had rarely missed LiSA's shows. Always expect him to be there on the Jpop princess' shows whether it's a mini concert, main concert or acoustic live. Good job, Co-K sensei!

Co-K had also worked with several bands, artist and even did some anime soundtracks. See his Ameba blog profile to see some of the list of his works.

▪ Appearances on LiSA's music videos: "Best Day, Best Way","Rising Hope" and "Hi FiVE!".

▪ Online activity: Moderately updates his Twitter and shares them on Facebook. Sometimes replies on Facebook comments and replies to most birthday greetings with ありがとうございます("Arigatou gozaimasu", Japanese word meaning "thank you very much"). Meanwhile, he seldom posts a blog on Ameba.

岡部雄貴 (Okabe Yuki) a.k.a. THE ODGE 

Birthdate: August 18
Twitter: ODGE777
Facebook: /yuki.okabe.92

The other guitarist. THE ODGE recently released an album with his four-member band Response and currently has a tight schedule promoting their latest album "Block of You" which probably led to his decision to leave Ramenz. His distinguishing feature is his long nice hair which makes him very easy to spot on stage. He sometimes tie his hair into a bun too.

THE ODGE started to get absences from Ramenz around the last quarter of 2015 and had also missed performing at the Mega Speaker concert. His last meeting with LiSA and other Ramenz members and staff was last March 14, 2016 where they had an outdoor barbecue party. His last performance as a Ramenz member was last February 14, 2016 at a Valentine concert for LiSA's fans.

To add information on his band Response, the band had released two sets of stickers on LINE app designed by Hikaru Morishita.

(Ever wonder why his screen name is THE ODGE? Here's a personal thought about Yuki Okabe's screen name but I would like to remind people that this is another wild guess portion from Katsanslimites. Well, I just realized today that his name ODGE sounded like "王子"(Ouji, a Japanese word for "prince"). So replacing "ODGE" with "OUJI" would become "THE OUJI" which will mean "THE PRINCE". Remember, this is just a personal guess. Don't believe it unless Yuki Okabe himself confirms it. But I kind of like this spark of realization of mine. Hehe!)

▪ Appearances on LiSA's music videos: "Best Day, Best Way" and "Rising Hope".

▪ Online activity: Active on both Twitter and Facebook.

山本健太 (Yamamoto Kenta) a.k.a. Ken-chan 

Birthdate: October 30, 1984
Twitter: kentayamamoto
Instagram: yamakendesu
Facebook: /kentadesu

The keyboardist. Yamamoto Kenta was nicknamed as Ken-chan by LiSA and was the Ramenz member to have missed most of LiSA's shows probably due to his super hectic schedule. Well, he may had missed most shows of LiSA, surprisingly, he had never missed performing at LiSA's main concerts. Glad that he manages to be present on LiSA's most important concerts. 

Describing Ken-chan physically, he looks a bit sickly because of his thin body(sorry but that's how I really see him). But beyond his outer appearance is his undoubtedly magnificent talent. He would never have that busy schedule if he's not a really great musician, right? He had worked with several bands and artists from live performances to recorded ones. Ken-chan's last performance with LiSA was at LisAni! last January 24, 2016. ("LisAni!" is a live anime music concert mostly held in Japan wherein all songs being performed at the concert are theme songs from anime).

Ken-chan is also a music arranger and had previously worked with King as a support member at King's former band U&DESIGN.

▪ Appearances on LiSA's music videos: "Best Day, Best Way" and "Rising Hope".

▪ Online activity: Active on Instagram and quite active on Twitter and Facebook. He shares his Instagram posts on Twitter and Facebook.



If only I could add more photos, I may have included their wackiest photos I have seen! For the mean time, l'll just let them be serious and look very fine musicians.

(image source:
THE ODGE, LiSA and Unochan with other Ramenz performing during their Asia Tour at Shanghai, China(If I'm not mistaken).

(image source:
Unochan, King, THE ODGE with LiSA during her 9th single release last 2015.


Instant Ramenz would probably be the best word to describe this next musicians. These guys fill in the positions whenever an original Ramenz member can't make it to LiSA's show.

野間康介 (Noma Kosuke) a.k.a. Noma-san

Birthdate: August 01, 1978

The keyboardist. He substitutes on playing the keyboard whenever Ken-chan is not around and I could say he is the Instant Ramenz that has been in the group the longest. I could've included him at the first generation members but that would be a bit unfair for Ken-chan. Noma-san always wears a hat and has never done a wacky pose on photos. Well, sometimes he does when he is with Co-K and LiSA but it's not as wacky as the other members.

Noma-san often plays on LiSA's shows especially if the set of songs are needed to be in acoustic. Recently, he also went with Co-K and LiSA at the Penang Anime Matsuri in Malaysia and to a mini Hi FiVE concert in Taiwan.

(image source:
Noma-san on keyboard with LiSA and Co-K at Tower Records Japan last 2015.

(image source:
During a valentine concert for the LiSA fans last February 14, 2016. There goes Noma-san's very wacky monkey pose with the rest of the first generation Ramenz. He's not the serious type, right? (LOL)

Before we move to the next Instant Ramenz, let me tell you that Noma-san also does produce, sound produce, compose and arrange aside from playing keyboard. Such a very talented guy! In fact, he started playing piano at six years old and began writing songs at ten years old. He also plays other musical instruments.

Noma-san had been with LiSA as early as the singer's 6th single "BRiGHT FLiGHT" which was released last August 06, 2014. He had been working with her as a composer and arranger aside from being a keyboardist. So he's an Instant Ramenz for almost two years already. Bravo!

With such great talent, he had not only worked with Jpop princess LiSA but with many other artists as well. One of which is the single "Brave Shine" by Aimer(The video I inserted was the studio piano version because Noma-san was in it, though you can barely see his face.)


PJ played the drums on LiSA's latest music video "Hi FiVE!" so I think it is just right to consider him a part of the instant Ramenz! He will forever be a part of the group because you'll forever see him whenever you watch the music video. 


Twitter: BACK_to_APRIL

The guitarist. PABLO is called by LiSA as PABLO 先生("sensei", a Japanese word which means "teacher"). He substituted THE ODGE's position at a show last February 20, 2016. PABLO had also played along side with the Ramenz last May 08, 2015 when he substituted Co-K for the mean time.

NEW MENZ(Second Generation of Ramenz)

(image source:
LiSA's two-day Hi FiVE tour with New Menz last April 20, 2016 at NHK Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Most of the first generation Ramenz, with their commitments on their respective bands, decided to leave the group which resulted in importing new members. Last April 11, 2016, LiSA posted a tweet officially announcing that starting the next day, her band Ramenz will have its new members by which she called "にゅーめんず" (New Menz).

There has been no exact English translation to the word "にゅーめんず"( "nyuumenzu" in Romaji) as I have been trying to translate it with the translator application on my phone but if I would translate it with the best of my Japanese language ability, it would be "New Menz".

The second generation Ramenz more known as New Menz started performing on LiSA's Hi FiVE! tours in Japan last April 2016, just in time of the release of her second mini album "LUCKY Hi FiVE!". I haven't seen some of the guys performed yet but I believe they are equally excellent as the first generation since they were given the opportunity to support LiSA.

Again, with the best of my ability, here are the second generation Ramenz also known as New Menz!

(image source:
From left to right: Iku-chan, Yuuko, Yuuyan, LiSA, Akki, Co-K.


石井悠也 (Ishii Yuya) a.k.a. Yuuyan

Birthdate: April 13, 1981
Twitter: ishiiyuya_drums
Instagram: ishiiyuya_drums
Facebook: /profile.php?id=100008534895353&sk=about

The drummer. Introduced by LiSA as ゆーやんっ(Yuuyan). Yuuyan had shared music with several popular Japanese bands and artists too like miwa, Supercell, EGOIST, ClariS and now with the Jpop princess. Before being an official New Menz, he had already performed with LiSA and first generatuion Ramenz members at a show during the release of LiSA's 9th single "Empty Mermaid" last November 07, 2015 together with another New Menz member Iku-chan.

One hobby of Yuuyan is drawing. Will he try to draw LiSA someday? I'm looking forward to it!


The guitarist. Introduced by LiSA as いくちゃん(Iku-chan) and stands 178 centimeters tall. Iku-chan, like Yuuyan, first appeared with last November 07, 2015 at a show for LiSA's 9th single "Empty Mermaid". He was also able to play at the Mega Speaker concert last December 23, 2015 together with the original Ramenz to substitute THE ODGE who was probably busy with his band Response at that time. Last February 20th of 2016, Iku-chan had again replaced THE ODGE and played with the original members at the live anime music concert "LisAni!". Looks like he got enough appearances before becoming an official member of LiSA's team!

Unfortunately, his real name and social media accounts are yet to be found. 

白井アキト (Shirai Akito) a.k.a. Akki

Birthdate: June 25, 1988
Twitter: /Akito_Shirai
Facebook: /akito.shirai.56

The keyboardist. Introduced by LiSA as あっきー(Akki) and with a height of 162 centimeters. Probably the youngest member of the band. Will he be as awesome as Ken-chan and Noma-san? We'll see that in the future!

柳野裕孝 (Yanagino Yuuko) a.k.a. Yuuko

Birthdate: April 05, 1983
Twitter: yuko_yanagino

The Bassist. Yanagino Yuuko was introduced by LiSA as ゆーこーっ(Yuuko). He is currently working with singer Chisa as bassist too. I hope he could equally give time for working with two singers simultaneously!

高慶卓史 (Takafumi Kokei) a.k.a. Co-K

Again, Co-K, the guitarist! Well, I added him here at New Menz since he is still a part of the band. Some extra trivia about him is that he recently had his hair dyed(a lot of people said he is an "ikemen" with his new hair color. Ikemen is a Japanese term which means handsome). Co-K also has the wackiest face among the former members when they do wacky poses. He seems to be very comfortable too with LiSA and the band which makes him shamelessly do crazy weird faces. There are also rumors that he and LiSA have this special relationship. What? Well, rumors are just rumors until proven true, but as a fan, I find them really a good match!

(image source:
Co-K holding a LiSA poster.

I hope he doesn't give up this band as he is the only member left from the first generation Ramenz. Please don't leave LiSA, okay Co-K?(I hope to see you again when LiSA returns to Manila!)


For a long time of admiring LiSA, I have also learned to appreciate her band Ramenz. These middle-aged men were like the ice breakers that broke the monotony of cuteness and girly air. They're also like a bunch of brothers that support their young sister and I can feel that genuine friendship they have towards each other through their photos and videos. Those funny group photos will surely be missed by everyone! It was truly a fun five years for them. It was a sad reality that they have to leave but I really hope they'd come back someday, that would make LiSA very happy!

Now that she has a new set of brothers, the New Menz, I hope these men take good care of her too and build real friendship with each other. They should also get used to being photographed a lot because LiSA loves taking photos of her band members! But most of all, they should enjoy doing music together. 

Just like LiSA's favorite slogan "Another Great Day!", things may not go as you planned them to be, always think that it's another great day because things happen for a reason and there will always be a tomorrow to hope for a better day and at the end of that day you can finally say again the words, "Another great day!".

Thanks for reading! Now let's get some ramen!

✧ Katsanslimites

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