About Kurtricatura Part 1 : A Photographer Wannabe

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Greetings from the Philippines! I am Kurtrica, 18, and today I've decided to talk about my dreams of becoming a renowned photographer and music producer. Like my mom always said, dream big. LOL.


My photography background started last June 2016 when my father bought me a DSLR for my birthday because I have always envied other people who have them. I don't know. I was younger, I guess I was a tad bit too childish and spoiled. However, I made sure that I used the camera to good use because I'm not that spoiled. I started taking pictures of my father's hobby/job which is dancing. Not the hiphop kind, the classical-waltz-dance-like-a-prince kind. He usually attended contests and would win champion or second from time to time and I never missed a chance to take pictures of him. Using my trusty Canon EOS 700D and a zoom lens I bought second hand, I sit in the crowd and try to take good pictures of him. Here's a link to one of my shots of him! 




Then recently, I became really involved in the indie music scene in my country and got the chance to take pictures for several events with artists such as Ben&Ben and IV of Spades (two popular musicians in the Philippines as of the moment). It felt surreal. I decided to take photography more seriously and focus on band or concert photography. Being in the crowd or being backstage was so thrilling. You can hear the chants of the people and the way they sing with the band. As a fellow musician (more information soon), to see your music reach the hearts of so many people, must be so wonderful. Most of my nights shooting concerts were amazing.


Here are some shots of the band members (IV of Spades)!






Anyway! I have really fallen in love with photography so I thank my childish self for that. Haha!


Side Note: I am in no way bragging about my skills, I am noob. tenks.




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