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If you are a fan of Rock, Jazz, Folk, Americana, or Pop music – or even a mixture of all five – then you are in for a dance-inducing, awesome weekend with ÉCU. Brought to you by our partner, Access Film Music, six incredible and diverse musical acts from four countries have been confirmed to perform at this year’s festival. Bringing with them the coolest and most unique new tunes from their respective cities in a buffet of styles, these artists personify true creative innovation and possess an undeniable passion for their craft.

We have four performances flying in from the United States:

- Caleb Hawley (, a New York based guitarist and singer, is no newbie to the music scene. With numerous awards from prestigious music festivals and organizations, a resume including American Idol Top 50 and stage-time alongside Dave Matthews, Mark Cohn, and Rusted Root, this artist, with buttery smooth vocals, knows just how to jam.

Paul Inman’s Delivery ( is a four man band from Hollywood, California with a music style they describe as gothic-tinged americana infused with folk and pop. The group has released four full-length CD’s, the newest of which incorporates electronica and blues stylings to further expand their repertoire.

- Anyone that has been priveleged enough to perform at the legendary Blue Note NY Jazz Club has got to be a serious musical mastermind. New Jersey based, Nobuki Takamen (, is the leader of his own jazz group. Takamen performs as a solo guitarist as well and has toured Canada, Japan, and the United States.

“Chicago” Mike Beck ( has been performing for over fifteen years as an energetic artist. Beck is a member of two rock groups and well versed in blues, gospel, soul, and jazz. But, he is better known for his hard-hitting style on the acoustic guitar which he infuses with a bluegrass twinge.

Traveling from Europe we have two performers:

- Karim Baggili ( hails from Brussels, Belgium and is perhaps the most exotically styled musician of the bunch. A self-taught guitarist and Arabian Oud player, Baggili is a master of the strings and has worked as a composer and arranger for several albums, documentaries, and short films. He also created Aton Lua, a world rock music project in which he sings in various languages and plays different personalities.

- Tim Ouburg ( is all about the passion and enjoyment of music. A Tilburg, Dutch native, he specializes in keyboard, piano, and the Hammond organ. In 2009, Ouburg was able to combine his two loves: traveling and music. He toured alongside fellow ÉCU performer, “Chicago” Mike Beck, around Europe and the United States.

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