Living condition in Kabul comparing to a village in Afghanistan

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Most people think about having better and safe life for their future. We all try to make our future according to our desire. there are many reason behind why people are moving from area to others and the first thing which seems to be important and necessary is the live wale fare opportunities for example to compare living inKabulto a villages it has many differences in terms of life advantages. In Kabul at least the people enjoy of better access to basic health services, much better security and satisfactory education facilities. In this regard I am agree with my friend Halima, who came from village, and prefers living in Kabul city than living in village due to the availability of mentioned facilities.

Firstly, healthcare is one of the most important reasons why living in a city is important, and more comfortable i.e. the facility in terms of health which are available in the city is less in the remote area i. e in the remote areas it is difficult for villagers to get access to doctors on the emergency time like if a woman get pregnant and when it is due to give the baby then the family need to carry her for longs hours mostly by hours or donkeys to the centre of the province/districts. Afghanistan is a mountainous country with less transportation facilities especially on the remote areas. Besides this, it does not have enough health care centers outside of the city to provide health care services for the people who live in rural places. In winter when it the snows falls, the roads gets inaccessible especially in central highlands zone of Afghanistan, people have really difficulties by accessing the health care centers. Often on emergency situations patients dies before reaching the health care centers. In winter and autumn in some provinces the only transportation facility is donkey and horses to carry the patients which are not favorable for the patient. In contrast, cities such as Kabulare having a more facilitated transportation, with a lot of hospitals and clinics. Almost at every district inKabulwe have health care centers with good staff and medicine than the remote areas. Thus, living inKabulis less risky and more comfortable then living in villages from health services facilities aspects.

Secondly, although security is a big concern and threat in all overAfghanistanbut it is more concerning in villages the reason is that the government has less control over villages. It is a fact that the root of insecurity inAfghanistanfor the past four decades has been militias from the areas which government has less control. In other hand the people who live in village are more extremist then those who are living in urban places likeKabulcity. There are less military forces in villages and if any threat or crime happens, security forces are less active. However, inKabulcity which is the capital is more secure than any other province or rural places. Government departments located mostly inKabul, and a lot of international and diplomatic offices are here also resided here as well, so the security is good, and in case of any insecurity, Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP) are very responsive and quick in handling the issue. Therefore, living inKabulcity is very safe than living in a village that in some places government has almost no control on.

Thirdly, the better educational facilities inKabulare one major reason why living inKabulis more comfortable and better than in rural areas. It is one of the most important reasons why students in high school and college come toKabulcity to get education opportunities. InKabulcity there are more schools, universities with sophisticate teachers and professors in contrast to villages. As there is more money and security inKabulcity, good instructors prefer not to teach in villages; therefore,Kabulis richer than any other places from education point of view. Usually there are at least one or two schools in distance of more than 50 miles inKabul. However, there are a lot of private and governmental schools in a very high quantity either. Thus, living inKabulcity is very helpful and comfortable in the field of education.Kabulholds the best schools of the country, and those who are graduated from schools inKabulare having more opportunities than those who graduated from villages inAfghanistan. Therefore, living inKabulcity is better than villages as there is a better education system and facilities inKabulthan any other place inAfghanistan, especially villages.


In conclusion, living inKabulthan living in villages is more comfortable and easy. Seeking comfortable place for living is in the nature of human being.Kabulcity has more healthcare facilities, is more secure than any other place inAfghanistanas it’s the capital, and it has more educational opportunities than living in villages. 

by: mona haidari

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Mona Haidari studies Business Adminstration at American University of Afghanistan. She is also a writer for Afghan Women Writing Project. Mona loves arts like painting and music. She made two documentary movies.

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