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Hello to each and everyone! Have a nice day! I would like to introduce myself as a newbie in this interesting world of bloggers club, as I was chosen as one of the qualified bloggers of I am certain that I will enjoy my job as a content writer. I love writing from classical lyrical poem to script of role play. Even when I was young, at the age of six or seven, I had an undiagnosed dyslexia. As evidenced to my slow learning of writing and reading. Aside from that I have a difficulty in counting numbers and other things which are related to Mathematics. As I grow, I learned to overcome this inferiority complex. This made me this disability to become a strong person. I had been bullied by the children of my age but I never got affected. I want to fulfill my goal of becoming a writer. In my self-awareness, I believe that I have this ability of writing. To add up more about me, I am wide reader of books, especially informative, knowledgeable and non-fiction type. I learn a lot from the correct grammar to deep vocabulary. I am also fond of watching independent films, historical theme, science fiction, thriller, biopic and any movies based or inspired by the true story. I think that would be all about the introduction of myself to this blogging world. Yes! Absolutely, I have an experience as a blogger but not so popular and influential, unlike the others. Blogging is one of the greatest art, certainly rewarding and mind-blowing. My main purpose why I try to join blogging is to share my capabilities and potentials in the prospect of writing, not for lime light's sake.

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A public servant, art enthusiast, registered nurse making writing field a living, poet, wide reader, law student and my goal is to live simply with creativity that leads to aspire happiness.

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