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Introduction Video by CoolArth
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First of all, Welcome and Hello everyone. I am a new user of this site and am looking forward to posting some of my thoughts here.……

by MissAnonymousse

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Newcomer from India


Hello bitlanders I am from India.My name is Nilim.I am a student.I love to write blogs and make gaming videos.So I am thinking about……

by nilim

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I'm Yaseen Khilji, lived in Karachi Pakistan. I belong to a Pathan family. My hobbies are playing PC games, readinding books, Watching……

by Yaseen-meraj

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My Introduction Post

Tanya Schutte

My Introduction to Bitlanders Hi Everyone, after reading a blogpost on Steemit about Bitlanders, I decided to check it out. Well,……

by Taans89

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A Short Introduction


A Short Introduction image credits: pixabay.comI'm living in a world with full of fantasies. I'm living with words of what ifs. This……

by Zhoerd

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My introduction


Hello to the whole community, today I come to present myself to all of you, my name is Udon Torres, I live in Venezuela, I am 21 years……

by urtq1996

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Introducing me... MGTOW


Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty……


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faheem akhtar

hello friends i am faheem akhtar . i am electrical engineers . if you need any help or guide contact with me any time thank you

by faheem-akhtar

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About Me


I Have Just now Started to Think on how to usefully Spend my Time being on Internet At the same time Enjoying myself ,  and Somehow……

by Gokul_14

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Lloyd Davis

Do I care what you think of me? Is anyone even reading this or is it just some weird place that people go and do this kind of thing……

by GreyMouseGrave

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Hello all

Vegeta Prince

Hie all This is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z Series. Will post anything and everything . Njoy!!   Edited by me :-

by PrinceVegeta

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my introduction

Babar Rafiq

Hi friends my name is babar rafiq and i am from islamabad pakistan, i am a student of fsc and want to become a future doctor. i like……

by babarrafiq22

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my introduction

Babar Rafiq

Hi friends my name is babar rafiq and i am from islamabad pakistan, i am a student of fsc and want to become a future doctor. i like……

by babarrafiq22

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My Introduction


Hello everyone. This is all new to me. I have been with many sites online that I wrote with. I was with Bubblews, Persona Paper and……

by inertia4

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Hello Guys!

Saad Asif

Hello Guys! I am new here on bitlanders. Now lets how much I generate from here :) Nice to meet you

by saad89

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Kamel Jesus

Basically, this is a cool social media site that knows how to teach people to use it. Intuitive and easy to use, it will allow us……

by Kameljbo

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What About Me?


Hi everyone, Rinkei here! I'm not really used to how things work here since I'm VERY new but, that lady in a business suit told me……

by Rinkei

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What is Bitcoin


  Introduction of Bitcoin With the Bitcoin price so volatile everyone is curious. Bitcoin is extremely complicated and no one……

by musaddiqa

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My First Blog

Uzma Shaheen (Umma)

I am going to introduce myself to all my bitlander's Subscribers. My name is Umma and I belongs to Pakistan. I am proud……

by umma1610

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What is a Hacker ?????

All Recipes

What's a Hacker? Brian Harveycollege of California, Berkeleyin a single sense it is stupid to argue approximately the ``true'' that……

by Lethal

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Intro about myself....

Rehan Ali

Hello wOrld :) I am Rehan and this is my First Blog Post... I'm new in bitlanders so don't know much about this website... but I'm……

by emraq

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Self introduction

Nadeem Ali

I begin with name of Allah who is the most Rehman and raheem ..Assalam-o-Alaikum! My name is nadeem Ali and you can call me nadeem.……

by Nadeem7201

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Hashaam Ejaz

So this is a more forma introduction My name is hashaam. I study in Bss siakot campus. I live in siakot. Dads in army so we frequenty……

by hashaam-ejaz

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Muhammad Harris

Hello Everyone, My name is Haris.I'm 18 years old.I am a student.I love gaming,photography,sports,anime/comics,art,music and a lot……

by Muhammad_Haris

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About Me!

Rkr Ovais Kasmani

My name is Ovais Kasmani. I belong to a Memon family but I don’t speak memoni. We speak Urdu at home. I like reading books,……

by OvaisKasmani

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An Intro!

Abdalla Syed

Hey! My name is Abdalla, I'm a 19 years old 12 grader from Pakistan. Love aviation , and a future pilot (Inn Shaa Allah). I'm a VATSIM……

by GullKhan

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howdy, folks


This awesome! I've followed bitcoin & cryptocurrencies for awhile. It's awesome to actually find this site & participate in……

by AquarionZephyr

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Look Up

Well, I'm a new member here, there is still a lot of thing to learn about bitLanders. Hmm...Let me introduce myself. First, I'm sorry……

by LookUp

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What is a Bitcoin

Jose Godofredo Tuliao

Bitcoin is a digital currency. You can use bitcoins to pay for goods and services and there are exchanges where you can buy and sell……

by metal-joe

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Who is Weng?

Rowena Sotelo Ferrer

This is my first ever blog post. I'm new here and I think it is just right to introduced myself with some bits of life background.……

by Miss-Weng

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Hi, I AM Jumowa


      Hallo Bitlanders, my name is Jumowa and I was introduced to bitlanders by a friend - steevc (……

by ju-mo-wa

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Narciso Olaer Beltran Sr.

Greetings from my home country, the Philippines. I learned about this site through the help of my online friends. Hope that we can……

by rc-nartleb

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Amin Abakhah

Hi everybody, I'm Amin. I'm very happy to join This is my first blog post and I will write more in the future. I'll……

by my_amin

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Joselle Shibuya

Hello! I am new here and I want to earn bitcoins through this site. Help me earn my very first Bitcoins! I really need the money for……

by j-ey-cee

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Danilo Mendoza

Hebrew Meaning: The name Danilo is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Danilo is: God is my judge. Spanish Meaning:……

by danilo-mendoza

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Maureen Mendoza

Most of my online friends would know that i go by this online name. Hiraia is a derived form of the ancient tagalog word "Hiraya"……

by HiraiaSama

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My Name is Mau

Maureen Mendoza

Let me begin this blog by introducing myself with what more than you can find from my profile. My name is Mau. School Achiever.Volleyball……

by HiraiaSama

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Saeed khan

introduction Hazara lies in KPK it start  from taxila onward and includes haripur abbottabad mansehra galyat naran kaghan etc……

by saqib-umer

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John Tancredi

HEY THERE! My name is John Tancredi I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself to to you all here on Film Annex so here are……

by JohnTancredi

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Hello World

Kelly Leanne Jones

Hi there! I got introduced to Film Annex when a young person I met through Active Citizens social action programme told me all about……

by KittyKaos

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zohal arezoo

  Aspirin is the most popular drug in the world today. A lot of people take aspirin when they have a headache or another sickness. ……

by zohalarezoo

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Heratweb Group

  For many people, the internet, mobiles, social networking and other new technologies are shaping their daily lives. The figures……

by Heratweb

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Welcome to my life.

Tom O'Neill

Hi. My name is Tom O'Neill and welcome to my first blog. I think I'll take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and……

by tom-oneill

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Hello / Intro

Tom Chimiak

Hello, This my first blog post in Film Annex, so it would only be fair to explain a little bit about myself.I am Tom, 21, a newly……

by tom-chimiak

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Andy Parker Films

Hi everyone and welcome to my WebTV channel.I will be using these blogs to document the progress on a new Film project I am currently……

by AndyParker

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