Long Live Pakistan

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At present situation In the world the all kuffariya forces which are against Islam and Muslims are trying to derail and unstable Pakistan like they did with Palestine, Libya , Nigeria , Yemen , Syria etc now exactly all the evil and kuffariya forces are gathered and they consider Pakistan as feasible threat to them so they decided to unstable Pakistan and create a situation of chaos and anarchy that people start to point fingers in the most prestigious force of the Muslim ummmha I-e Pakistan Army my all dear brothers and sisters for Allah sake never ever be the victim of those evil and kuffariya forces.As a nation we are one no cast colour and creed we have one religion so be stick as one as we are suppose to be one by teachings of Quran and Hadith never ever tolerate any single word against our Invisible Soldiers of Islam I-e ISI It is Pakistan and Muslim ummmha pride and think over the current situation of country bombs suicide attacks etc why just why this happening Cux Allah giving us chances more as more to be one and he is realising us to stand with Invisible Soldiers of Islam..please understand the mind set of kuffariya forces they want the Pakistan youth to dismember and start doubt in his Army but we will never let them to succeed in evil wills we are nation as one and Pakistan will be on Earth till Qiyamat.I will quote our father of nation saying there is no power that can undo Pakistan.Pakistan Army zindaabad Pakistan Pa enda bad..

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i am Aurangzaib from Pakistan i am 28 years old i am professional blogger.!!

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