Lounging around and Fighting the slowness of the Internet

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It's been one of those slow days where all I wanted to do was search and then get caught up on everything else I was behind onlinethat I actually do. Been looking through all my recipes and sorting them out and getting them fixed in their right place from Winter,Summer,Spring and Fall recipes. So far been trying to get all my pumpkin recipes together and finally got most of them done so I can write about later on this evening. 

How's everyone's day been today? Been slow or been the perfect day for you? I sometimes try to occupy myself with writing and more writing but at times I get so bored with it and then get side tracked from doing everything else. Always happens when you have two teenagers whom drive me up the wall between fighting with each other or to the point you don't hear them and as for me I always go hunting for them through out the house trying to figure out what they are doing to be so quite. Kinda like the terrible two's stages LOL.

I decided to make a cup of pumpkin spice coffee tonight and sip on that by now it's probably cold since been sitting on my desk for over 30 minutes to an hour. But hey it's still good even its cold or not. 


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