Love first or ego?

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People war with each other over silly issues. There are a lot of people in this world including kids who do not even have the luxury of a blanket and two meals a day. When there is so much misery around, why do people fight over small incidents based on ego?


Arguments are the first steps towards a break up. Why hate when there is so little time to love? Is it not a blessing that one has the luxuries like a roof above the head and assured meals? It pains me to see people especially partners who declare open war with each other when they can instead solve such issues within the four walls of their house. The basic mistake people make is to talk ill of their partners to others. They confide family secrets and trust strangers. The result is that people take sides and in the end the partners lose their love and they forget all the lovely moments they had. Stop! Do not do this to yourself. Please reconsider your fatal decision.


Have you had to face love storms- a duel debate
Please voice your opinion and state why you walked away from a marriage



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