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She has deep ties of love and affection with the grand papa. She is very unhappy at the miserable plight of her grandfather.

She does not know the difference between life and death. She goes upstairs in search of keys of bureau and is surprised to see the grandfather rising from his bed. She astonishes the company by breaking the news that grandpa is not dead. This is an anticlimax of the play. The company is in a state of utter disbelief. The grandpa comes down and announces his physical presence.

Victoria at once remarks. "oh , grandpa I'm so glad you are not dead" This remark reveals her deep love for her grandpa. She does not share the malicious feelings of the family . She is above such petty things. She represents the simple, honest and uncorrupted humanity. She presents a beautiful contrast to the meanness and selfishness of her elders.

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