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I have been wondering what is happening to bitLanders nowadays. My earning has been decreasing for the past days even if I had a fluctuating buzz score. It isn't directly proportional to my buzz score because even if my buzz score had increased the other day, my earning is still lower than the previous days. Then last night, my buzz score had decreased and so as expected, the earning also had tremendously decreased.

Well, I can't protest but the only thing I can do is to express it her. I am not ranting, I am just explaining what is happening. 

If I recall my previous experience here, when I reached the buzz score of around 70-80 last December 2014 to the early quarter of 2015, this number of buzz score would give me an earning amount of more than 10 mbtc. But these days, even if you had reached a hundred buzzes, that won't guarantee that you'll get a huge amount of mbtc. 

I am trying to get back and try to earn that specific amount though but for now, I am discouraged with what I am experiencing.

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