Major Payments Update: Get your Bitcoin Earnings Faster and More Easily

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Today, we're announcing a major update on bitLanders payments system. No more wait or minimum to get your Bitcoin, a simple email address is enough, and the Revenues page has been simplified!

All the updates are detailed below:

- Get your Bitcoin faster: no more 75-day wait period, and no more 0.2BTC minimum required to request your Bitcoin!

- Cash out from one single page: go to your Revenue page and click 'withdraw' to request your earnings.

- Get your Bitcoin easily with an email address: when you ask for your Bitcoin, simply provide an email address. You'll receive a notification from to claim the funds. You'll then have the choice between creating a account or use an existing one.

- Understand your earnings better: click on the Bitcoin amount at the top right (or click here) to see how much Bitcoin you've earned so far ('All Time Total'), and how much you can spend or cash out ('Balance'). Click on 'Details' to see the current month's earnings and the all time total.

- Simply get more: No more commission fees.


Of course, you can always choose to spend your earnings in the shop, or donate to charities.


- Micky.

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