Make money with webtransfer(Not PTC) ( you can have more than $ 300> $ 500 and more ) real 100% .

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Hello everyone, today I will guide you to make money with the most reputable sites Webtransfer (Russian page).

Link to register and consult: 

Hello everyone, today I will guide you to make money with the most reputable sites (Russian page).
To introduce:
Site originating in Russia and registered office of the company in Russia and some countries based on different
US-based registration: Registration number 3951305, New York, USA.
Register headquartered in London, registered number: 06453803, London, UK.
Registration Number 569 645 - Webtransfer Europe Limited check in
TV Webtransfer be introduced through this video (More than 300 thousand views)
Discussion forum on the topic on the site has 2,400 pages, with address at
List of Webtransfer headquarters
Branches in India
2. Advantage:
Just give another person a loan capital, high interest rates currently average at 1,3- 1,5%.
for example, you invest $ 100, on average you will get 50% / 1 month ie $ 50
Lam caught the payback period, not bury your capital because admin mode has a protector of pages, reducing the lowest risk.
Webtransfer activities over 3 years, established since 2012
Webtransfer large-scale operations with more than 3 million members and over 50 thousand transactions $ in 1 day, some days up to 100k $
Webtransfer invested great security protocol from https, ssl and anti-D system Dos, effective attack
Some proof

3. Operation mechanism

Site control mechanism is only money you deposit into the others and take interest loans, admin stand out as intermediaries for loans - lending and commission him. Additionally Admin is also for you to draw out a loan or borrow money for you and for others to borrow at interest (Function overdraft when you invest $ 100 and up)

In order for you to earn money, then you need to add money to lend and get interest from it.

But when you sign up, the admin will give you $ 50 free, the money will not be used to withdraw is that you try to play, until you have the $ 50 rate will withdraw money. Min pay is $ 50 all of you

So how can get $ 50 for free?
If you sign up from home, they may not be $ 50 this, I just heard. What about you register under your ref link, then both his supporters and recently received $ 50 and there is nothing I will guide. ok
4. Registration Guide
Link register here; 

After you click on a page that will follow:


You will see that the top bar, you just log in with nick facebook, or G + ... you login with which also nhé

You do not need to register because it's automatically synced your information and then

After registration is complete, you need to verify your phone number to receive $ 50

[​IMG]Property which you choose Vietnam Phone (+84) and enter the phone number, then the certification is complete it will have traces blue above is OK

Also want to withdraw the money you have to add payment gateway on, I recommended using PM

Attention to more successful PM, then you must fill in the Username and number U

Username is the front page, as shown on the thinhchien, while the U is on the next page


After entering the U, then click on the green button on the bottom right frame will appear after requesting confirmation phone number


To send the message successfully, you need to click on the SMS site Inquiry offline: D

Then enter the code number from the phone on and press OK job is finished verified accounts

6. Guide to the account recharge
Deposit to find you on the payment gateway, use PM nhé


then you just click next and next ... until all is ok

7. Guide lending

You go to:
Interest rates ranged from 0.5% to 3% / day
On loan ranges from 3 to 30 days
The average interest rates currently range 1:27%. 1.6% to 1.3 exam often but on the amount of your money

1 is the average loan interest rate
2 and 7 of the loan amount
3 is the day your loan adjusted from 3 to 30 days
4 is the lending rate from 0.5% you adjust to 3%
5 is the insurance amount, this amount is 50% for admin, this means that his work takes 50% for admin but you will ensure that there will be profits and avoid risk.
6 is the actual amount you receive
was built on the word you guarant offline. to be admin guarantee
Also part overdraft loans as overdrafts, the new volume (I told her bottom) ok
Once completed you are finished and press Submit lending successful displays

You will see that if its status is active, it means that lending is successful, there is no one to borrow Posted whole. You can delete and re-lending go with a lower interest rate, the borrower will have. here I have finished active.
After you afford $ 50 then you can withdraw the money, please click Withdraw next place. ok
Note: For those who invest> = $ 100, there will be functions overdraft.
1. Your $ 100 will proceed with normal loan
2. then you can proceed further loans from $ 100 to $ 1,000.
but after 1 or 2 days you need to load the amount you borrowed from admin to receive interest. no, you will lose interest and overdrafts deducted $ 10 from your money.
So, tips for you after ordering your cash loan is complete, your new loan Order by overdraft. Examples its lending reach 28 or 29 days of its cash investment of $ 100. then you borrow $ 100 by admin, you can order a 30-day loan range. For the next 28 or 29 then you got the principal and interest payments with your money then. Image
Such as playing the best site you need to invest at least $ 100 for overdraft mode. because then you would get an interest rate of 50% a month, but not greater than when you do the PTC site but stable, sure, especially not buried capital, as PTC scam ok 

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