March 8th, is not the day to celebrate Afghan women

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War, violence, discrimination, compulsory marriages, exclusion from the civil rights, insecurity of women, traditional oppositions, family economic, illiteracy and its effects on social psycho, and more others are challenges which each women in Afghanistan are faced with them.

Women which make a half of population in Afghanistan are those torturous class of community that always been engaged with social, cultural, economical and political problems.

Because people pretend women as second genre even women themselves accepted that we must be under order of men. What a man want is her want, what a man decide is her decide. It is acceptable in our society.

How to solve?
No one can solve the problem, only women
have the key to enter into success and happiness life and make dark to light. They can do that because they feel the problem and they lived with problem, so whenever you want to change something for your benefit feel and live with that. This is the way I think women can find solutions for their problems. Just start you first!

Combat with problems and believe that every problem has a way to stop. Increase your self reliance and believe on yourself that you can do it. Do not be dull, join every social party and perform yourself as the best one you are. Think of today and tomorrow and leave the past what you were. Get power from education and influence you have and if you don’t have try and attempt to get them.

March 8th is not only day you celebrate, always and everyday celebrates your bravery, knowledge, capabilities and sufficiency.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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