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Guess what? I had earned a good number with my bonus score last night than the other day. I had done the same type of activities here in bitlanders. I am going to share some of my habbits.

I normally log in by around ten in the morning, whenever I am able to wake up earlier, it would be somewhere between seven or eight in the morning but usually, I am able to get online 10 am Philippine time. I would go straight to posting movies and blogs. And yes, I have reserved videos, my own as per bit, if it’s your own video, it has bigger chances of increasing you buzz score. I usually post a minimum number of three videos in a day, if I have the luxury of videos, I can post more up to ten. I have not gone way more than that though. Blogs on the other hand, I have a limitation in terms of creating blogs so I usually post three or four only. While for galleries, I post more than three albums in a day as well but for microblogs, it’s way way more around ten minimum though.

Now once I got that posted, I will move on with interaction, this happens around the afternoon time like three or four pm. Before, I have a file saved in my google drive a list of bitlander users with their corresponding links. I then realized that keeping a list is not a good idea as change of those list happens rapidly like almost daily, users go active and inactive and visiting inactive users will be a waste of time and energy so I base my interaction with the comments left in my page. I visit those who had commented my posts from the previous day to the recent time. That’s buzz and comments.

Whenever I find a post interesting, I would automatically share them in g+, facebook or twitter, most of the time I do it with twitter because it is easier.

My buzz score had increased since the time that I had purchased certain promotional offers by bitlanders from December til now. I have saved my earnings so whenever there’s something which can help me increase my buzz score, I can purchase it immediately. The return of investment happens right away and that’s really great.

Hope this helps!

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