mB 19.21156 - 2/17/15

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Ouch! A lower score received last night and I can't figure out what had caused it. I checked my buzz scores, ironically, it shows the same number of buzz score from the other day yet the other day I had received around 21+mB. Well I guess there's another factor of which our bonus scores are depending and it is not just the buzz scores.

I have to check on what could that be but I am still thankful for this amount. I am glad that the payments were delivered today and I also hope that my submitted blogs will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Now going back to my activities, I bet you already know what are the things that matters here in bitlanders, of course the consistency of posting is really one of the keys here, videos, blogs, microblogs and galleries. Sharing the contents to other social networking site will definitely help as well as participating in certain gimmicks which bitlanders has set for us like the quests, content review and lastly buying items from the store!

Hope everyone had received their own bonus scores and did you notice that the treasure box comes earlier than usual?

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