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I may have not taken into consideration the number of buzzes due to the pending redemption which didn't arrive on the dates that I had estimated and so, I am now running out of buzzes. I have redeemed again last night just to see if they will be given to me in one day all three of them and get bigger buzz scores but they didn't arrive though and so I am left with just a few buzz scores and with no blogs reviewed as well, I guess I will just be depending on the buzzes free given by the site with the quests and the friend subscriptions.

But I am still thankful for the amount I had received last night, I guess if my buzz score will continue to decrease, the buzz score that I will be receiving as well in the next days will be lower than this one. Oh I really wish that one of my blogs will be reviewed today and that the redeemed amount will be given as well.

I had done the same kinds of activities in terms of posting and sharing contents here. I have not submitted any blog yet because of the amount of gems it will cost me is actually high at this point. I guess I will wait for the others to be reviewed before I can get it submitted.

How was your earnings so far?

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