Mechanics for Bitlanders (Humor Me)

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We very well understand the Bitlanders is a very dynamic website for all people to play, to post pics, to make avatars, to communicate, to blog and at the same time to gain rewards. But I am sure that there will always be certain questions to newbies like me that wont be answered in the FAQ of the site. 

Well its normal anyway since most newbie will aspire to have those amazing buzz and subscribers.

The most common questions that we usually think is when do we get the buzz? is it daily or will the system tally it right away? 

What is the buzz equivalent on the bitcoin rewards that we will be gaining?

And many other more questions will be asked. 

To answer all of that, well as a newbie I really dont have accurate answers to that but let me tell you this, my friends really got the rewards and what you need to do is to communicate and enjoy the social media just like Facebook. I am sure your buzz will grow by itself as long as you are active. Make friends and talk to them.

Appreciate their works and post and most of all just follow the rules of the site. I hope this can help all of you guys. Enjoy and have a great day. Rewards will just Follow. 

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