Media violence

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Right now it is a worldwide debate that is the violence shown on TV is associated with human behavior? In order to answer this first we have to know what violence is. Violence is any activity which is used in threatening any human being or used to frighten him like rape, murder etc.

 Many physiologists are answering this question in yes. According to scientific research the thing which people see and hear together effect human in many 2011 researchers conducted a research in many cities of America. The research results are astonishing about 70% of people which see the shows which contain violent act are caught acting in violent acts. Mostly these people are school boys who don’t verify which act is real in program or which is just an illusion.

Physiologists are raising question about media aggression the main purpose of media is to provide entertainment but the latest buzz happening in all over the world but at the name of entertainment it is giving us movies like scary movie or die hard which is full of violence and bloodshed and when we change the channel to news it is full of war news and bomb blast news which is effecting human in many ways

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