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Meowch almost ended up being released as this. Well, now it actually is; so I don't know what to say about that except that it has a different kind of feel to it. A little more Drama/Suspense, maybe? What do you think? Seriously, between the two of them .Just watch the both of them and then tell me.


Ok, Now, did one of them give you that eerie feeling that something horrible was going to happen? No? Well, watch them again...

Now, tell me.

The shooting day was put together somewhat hastily. We knew that we were shooting with a cat, and we had some ideas of what we wanted to see ,but beyond that, there wasn't any written 'script'.  So, with that going on we shot on the fly with a loose story in mind, not knowing how it would play out.

We found out after we got it into the editing room, "It's not a good idea to shoot without having anything in mind, and if you're going to do it any way, don't expect much."



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