Michel platini criticized the failure of award to Frank riberry

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Michel platini president of Europe football federation believes that frank riberry was the only one to receive the golden ball and he asked to determine the way of voting for the player of the year.

Platini has said that the criteria for the grant have changed and this causes frustrations and frank riberry must earn the gold in the world.

He said “I am disappointed as the golden ball was not given to frank riberry” he added that more than 50 years the golden ball have given to those who were capable of the award but today they don’t pay attention to the players performance and this is the main problem.

Mr. Platini between 1983 and 1985 has won the best player award for three consecutive years and frank riberry with Bayem Munich last season won five cups.

He also had an active role in French national team climbs to the Brazil world cup. He scored four goals in five games and in 2013-2012 seasons was selected as the best player in the French football.

Michel platini criticized the current way of selection to the award and anticipated that the award will distribute for the two players one year for one of them and the other year for another one and he pointed to critaino Renaldo and Lionel messi and this will harm the legitimacy of the annual fifa’s award.    


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