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Last time when we got winter vocations from our school I went to our village “Wazir Khail” in Waziristan. My family and my friends all were very happy to have me there with them but as I were too tired and fatigued by long journey that I went to bed early. When I woke up next morning, a few of my childhood friends put forth an idea of visiting the hills of Waziristan which is a landscape worth visiting. It was such an attracting and mouth watering offer for a nature lover like me that I could not deny so we started planning and preparing ourselves for the adventure few later  when we have prepared ourself for the adventure where we got vehicle in the afternoon we look rest of an hour and started our journey ahead by foot 


I also started climbing the mountain. The dogs in the nearby village were barking and the jackals are howling as if they were behind us. After some time when we had climbed the mountain just half way, perfect silence prevailed there, and we were all so tired. Now the real hiking started because there were steep slopes and never ending trees and bushes. It was really hard to take even a single step. It was now an opportunity for me to yell and shout at y friend who had taken a poor decision by not listening to me earlier. Suddenly, we heard something in the trees. We stoped and looked all around, but we were relived to find out that it was just a bat.

The climbing was hard because off the slippery rocks under the feet and thick bushes. It was really getting very tough fe me now as I had never been on such adventure  before. Pulling, dragging and hauling our selves up. Ultimately we reached the top of mountain. We set off our blankets to spend the night. The clock had struck 3 when we settled our places for sleeping and we all went to sleep and in just no time. I had hardly slept a while when a strange animal appeared from some where with a roaring voice. We sat back and tried to hide but one of our friend advised that before it come any nearer, we should climb the trees. We did so quite silently, the animal went off smelling our bags and luggage.

When we got up in the morning it was a very beautiful sight waiting us in front of us was the Razmak valley. It was quite charming sight of the beautiful scenery lying for us. We stayed there for a while and done some breakfast. Then we left for home we enjoyed the adventure in waziristan very much.

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