Mining in Afghanistan

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Having mines plays an important role in the progress, developing and promoting of economy in a country, also it is valuable for maintaining of vital level of nation. Therefore the construction of a country and its nation's economy is related to its mines and the ways of usage the mines.

According to the researches and existence documents, there are different mines around in Afghanistan, which still some of them have not been exploited, just a few of them have been used in preliminary way such as ;gold, silver, cooper, iron ore, gemstones, petroleum and natural gas etc.

Geological researches show that, 24 kinds of mines minerals are existed and they are useable in 89 areas of Afghanistan, but unfortunately they have been exploited so far.

 Generally, from an economical point of view, these mines are valuable and they are in huge number of quantity.

Having mines, Afghanistan is potentially very rich country and has a very good future if they are exploited wisely.

The famous mines of Afghanistan are: coal, barite, talc, petrol, steel, copper, azure, salt, gold, silver and natural gases. 







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