Youth’s responsibility in Afghanistan

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If have a look to the three decades of war and conflicts in the country which left huge devastation and changed the country in the ruin, we acknowledge that every aspect of afghan society’s life comes under terrible harms and losses so afghan youths ,trainees and educated members of the community as the future builder of war torn country also faced numerous challenges in their development and achievement.

In decades of war of course the afghan youth which constitutes more than 65 percent of afghan society plays a significant role in all aspect specially rehabilitation and renovation of their great motherland Afghanistan. But all and all responsibilities cannot be accomplished without education and without academic awareness.


Although it is a matter of pleasure that the major segment of our society is formed by the youth and this issue makes us hopeful that Afghanistan with the able hands of the youth will overcome its problems will take blood steps toward future prosperity and brightness. In deed we believe and have trust that youth are the fruit of the nation and the hope of today and tomorrow of Afghanistan. But necessarily the youth must know that they have the biggest mission. So the must be the committed   generation with avoiding from ethical and social corruptions.



All the people are aware that youths have sustained much pain and deprivation, including poverty and other problems. As a result all the nations of the world merely Afghanistan nation is eye witness that the youth of other countries are enjoying calmness and comforts, they are pursuing education and making their lives but our youth come out from those entire section.

In everywhere Hope to have accountable, sensate and zealous youths to accomplish their accountabilities with a best way.



Writer: Khan Aqa Faizi

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