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You call from an unknown number when you call to end the call by pressing the button twice may terminate, Photo: File

Incoming calls from unknown numbers often are causing trouble for us. Especially for women, such calls have been agonizing.

You are tired of answering a call that comes from an unknown number? You fear that their incoming calls from unknown numbers are taking an important call you so that you do not neglect? Unknown phone number comes again , your phone rings and you call it junk? What if this call is really important or urgent call? You picked up the phone you will not seek to try to find out what is the phone?

Most phone companies such as those which come from the market you are trying to sell their goods? Most of them are not interested in buying.

These calls come from companies based outside your country can or you think that sometimes happens that someone is probably the phone number you have stored in your phone, but you When you answer the phone company from marketing hear a recorded message.

If you ever want to get rid of such calls in your phone so you can download applications that will identify these unknown numbers and to call them to block. We have identified these six apps that could save you from confusion.

Call *tryp 
The first app "Trap call, you fear that their incoming calls from unknown numbers are taking an important call you so that you do not neglect?

Apple and Android phones, this app is present in both. This app is a US company in New Jersey, Tel-Tech "is made. Even if it is a free app on the identity of the unknown calls for service are almost monthly to five dollars.

This app lets you receive calls from an unknown number you call to end the call by pressing the button twice may terminate. The app then sends a message to this number and tell it that the number of the person or company.

With this app you can block such numbers are unknown. Mayor Cohen, president of Tel-Tech Company says "This app as spies and those who are interested in technology has not been designed for."

Adding that "every person to answer such calls hates unknown. We want everyone to know who is calling us to answer the phone or want to keep the option not to. "

* "True Caller ' 
This app is made by a company in Sweden and the company says that the whole world to use this app toll is closer to 85 million or eight million.

This app has auays, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones are available. This app previously 'unknown' numbers stored database stores the information help identify unknown numbers and these numbers do not call back. What can I block them.

* 'Contact' 
This app British company "Thinking phones' and 'blur' the founder of the company was formed by aspynyrd Anak brngur.This app identifies unknown numbers and make the claim that the six hundred million or 60 million, this app can identify unknown numbers. To identify these numbers except Internet database app, Facebook, Twitter, lnkdn, and Watts receives information from apps like you.

* Track collar location. 
The app "Smart lojki called the phone company has made and can be downloaded free. To use this app, you do not need internet.

* 'Huuz call 
This app unknown numbers in a few seconds extensive database searches. Taiwan, which the company claims that it has made the app is free app every day unknown numbers identifies nearly two million and five million of that number are pointless. 
Once the identity is unknown numbers you can block these numbers are both calls and messages.

* "Do ​​I Call? 
This app huuz call is a similar app, but it does highlight the fact that the detect unknown number of WhatsApp, which is sending messages. For the messages sent via social media also heard on the phone picks up. The app will help you to unknown numbers 'block' list can make. 
So now what? Save your precious time and with the help of these apps only thing they do is wait for the call.

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