Bitlanders C-Blogging: Unknown facts about Jeff Bezos

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This is my fourth participation in the unique project entitled "BitLanders C-Blogging." I have chosen the topic for my C-Blog myself: "Bitlanders C-Blogging: Unknown facts about Jeff Bezos."

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Jeff Bezos is a very interesting person for me. He is a successful businessman who managed to become the richest person in the world in 2017.

However, in addition to a huge sum of money in his account, the billionaire can boast with other, more impressive achievements: he is the creator of the Internet empire Amazon, the owner of the famous publishing house The Washington Post, and the founder of the first private space company called Blue Origin.

It is widely believed on the Web that Jeff Bezos is a Jew, but so far, these guesses have not found any official confirmation.

Jeff generously shares his own knowledge and best practices: in his several published books, the businessman talks about the principles and key points that helped to achieve such a dizzying success.

This year, Jeff Bezos has divorced with his spouse, Mackenzie Bezos. The couple brings up four children - three sons and an adoptive daughter.

I have prepared a number of unknown facts about Jeff Bezos. I have divided them into the two categories - facts about his personal life and his career.

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