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I decided to participate in "The bitLanders C-blogging." It is a unique project that gave me an opportunity to use innovative ways of blogging. This is my first Querlo chat, and I did my best to create something useful.

I came to know about C-blogging reading Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno's posts. These words drew my attention:

bitLanders, the worldwide blogging platform, introduces the future of blogging "The bitLanders C-blogging", Conversational AI blogging by Querlo powered by IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure with the purpose to provide bloggers the possibility to communicate and establish a conversational relationship with their readers.

In a chat with Hillary Summers, inbuilt in Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno's blog, I found the topic for my first C-blog: "Dubai Smart City."

Here is the main aim of this concept, written on their official website:

Our vision is to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth.

It was pretty interesting to study the work done in Dubai and select the aspects that the Dubai Smart City could share to benefit other capitals. I also learned what a smart city is. Feel free to join the chat below, and I will tell you more about it. To participate in the chat, just respond to my replicas choosing among the given variants.


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I hope that my chat will inspire other members on BitLanders to try C-blogging! I enjoyed getting this new experience!

If you want to create your own C-blog, here are the sources I used:

1) Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno's posts: "The bitLanders C-blogging": Video tutorial - How to build Querlo chatbot and Participate in "The bitLanders C-blogging" and earn Double and Triple Bonus rewards!

2) JustAGirl's post: "Dubai Smart City – The Happiest City on Earth through ICT-based Technology Innovation."

3) JEAN-BELTRAN's post: "I made my own Querlo."

4) TRB's post: "Everything about Querlo."

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