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We really enjoy Behind The Scenes Videos as they tell more of the story of a days production that one finished product photo simply cannot alone achieve.
Noe from Paris does not disappoint as he brings you behind the scenes of the 2012 Montblanc Eyewear Collection shot by photographer Michelangelo Di Battista.

The photos above are stills from NOE's video. He does a fantastic job in capturing the vide of the day as he documents the production crew readies models Katrin Tormann and Alexis Papas for Michelangelo's camera. 

From Montblanc regarding their 2012 eyewear designs:
"The new sunglasses collection is a selection of exclusive eyewear designs featuring elegant embellishments and the inventive addition of precious materials. A highlight of the new collection is the usage of new, extraordinary materials and textures. Finest leather has been used to cover not only the bridge but also the frame of one of the new styles. The shapes are contemporary and different in terms of size and style: from classical pilot and wayfarer shape for the male and unisex models to classical acetate and smoothed rectangular shapes in XL size for women.

NOE has 10 productions on his WebTV, Click below to view them all.

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