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Fish is looking for where it is deeper, people - where better and more profitable. Thus, once again going to a job interview, people inside struggling with feelings and with the expectation of a miracle is still tread on the threshold of such an unknown to him, and darkness covered the company. But it is not necessary to be a psychologist to make all the secret clear. It should only stick to simple recommendations. For example, take one of the tourist companies of centenarians.
Today we look at travel company with locations in the city center, which is more than twenty years, has its own niche in the Ukrainian business market. Upon entering the office, you can immediately notice such a "family aura" - a friendly team with their inner traditions. With regard to the office of the head - he still made a lasting impression. The room is decorated in the style of feng shui, elegant wooden table Italian, made with noble species, the collection of turtles.

So, point number one - asking "for what salary you are applying for?" Immediately suggests that you want to save, and how! Point number two - pay attention to the principal's office - you can note sverhnakopitelnost fanaticism and its owner, and that, accordingly, nothing good is not speaking.

Therefore, going to any large company should pay attention to the following things:

1. The location of the office.

2. The site of the company.

3. The number of employees.

4. The solid office not only inside but also outside.

5. Cabinet Director

6. little things in the office that can lead you to the right conclusions.

7. The level of wages.

8. The clarity and transparency of your duties.

9. The process of registration.

10. A clear distinction training period in the company.


Let's decipher the highlights of these items.


1 - Location can tell how solid is this company, because not every employer can afford to rent a room in the heart of the capital.

2 - Official site should be perfect, in fact, without any errors!

3 - State of the workers is no less important. The major companies - the more professionals working in it. You can also pay attention to the number of vacancies. With a good working platform rarely leave shots.

4 - If the company is large and with the possibility of international investment - it will maintain its image not only within, but also outside.

5.6 - Generally people do not suffer serious fanaticism, although peace is impossible without exception.

7 - If there is a situation where you are expected to answer about payment of your work - it is likely that the employer is going to pay you less than it actually is.

8 - Unclear job responsibilities may be an indication that you will overwhelm the work of all and sundry.

9 - It is desirable, of course, made out to the first days, but as the practice of routinely comes up short, the process of registration usually takes place from the second month.

10 - You must clearly understand the boundaries of the duration of training, otherwise they can become excruciatingly long period of time.