MOTHER; a word means the world to me

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The precious gift of Allah, the most fantastic person, the respectable person, the best mentor, the truest friend and the greatest creation in all over the world that means the world to me.

When we think about the beautiful word of mother we will feel a deep sense, but why?
Mother’s love is placed unconsciously in the heart of son that human can’t realize, but he just feel it. The nice word of mother has combined with these letters:  M-Merciful for all, O- Odorant then everyone, T-Trainer of life, H-Honest than everyone, E-Excellent human being, R- Respectable for all.

Some people define combined letters for the word of mother like this:

M - Memorable moments we shared together
O - Offering a listening ear
T - Tenderness and tears of joy
H - Heartfelt love
E - Enduring love unconditionally
R - Relentless guidance day in day out.

Mother defines as a woman who has given birth to a child and raised him/her. Each person from the time of birth till dying day thinks about his/her mother and has an Inseparable connection. From the time that child became as a part of world’s people, this is the mother that trains and guide correct ways of life to her child, which her child serves for itself and society. Wakes of mother with thousands of difficulties for her child health and safety are small part of mother’s acts that a bright heart feels and try to amends them, but these are irreparable. If we devote entire world to her, yet can’t answer her small difficulty.


Bosom of mother is like heaven for her child and is quietest and comfort place to the child. Do you believe that bosom of mother is insomuch a lucky person enjoy the heaven? Of course yes, it is a place that a Muslim likes to go and worship Allah to find the key. God says that Heaven is under the feet of mother, so always respect her. Muhammad (PBUM) also says that don’t tell a small word for your mother that annoys her. A saying that Happiness of Allah is in happiness of mother is right. Then each person must obey her/his mother and always respect her.


Anything I write is not enough to describe Mother, so I can put …


you mean so all the world to me, I admire you, I love you and I thank you for everything you have done so far and for things you are going to do. Love you!
Muhammad Elias Hatimi

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