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A mother is one of the most precious and the most valuable gift in your life from GOD. You do not know whether your life is too long or too short , you do not know even then will you die, so as long as the days of your life which you a spending with your mother , please respect her, take care of her , pray for her and do what ever you can do for your mother any time or at any place without any hesitation.

It is a mother firstly who takes you at least nine months in her womb with great care. She bears your weight also for nine months in her womb and do her duties as well while you are in her womb.

When you born she feeds you, loves you, trains you, talks with you, teaches you every positive thing which is important for you in your further life.she take cares of your food, diet, health , clothes , other needs of your daily routine also. She sends you to school daily so you become a better citizen and can compete in this busy ans fast struggling life with others. 

Every one should have to give her complete respect , care , importance , sincerity and trust as much as he can.