Mother's Day

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Today is Mother's Day and we all know it is a very special day. We celebrate our mom it is very important because she gave us a meaning in life and gave us life. This is one of my favorite Holidays if you ask me.  What I do to celebrate is that everyone from my mom's side and dad's side gets together and we enjoy a meal that our family cooks. We just talk have fun and the children just play around the house. Today I just gave my mom breakfast I feel so good about myself you should try it sometime too! P.S. My mom didn't think I would give her breakfast, she thought that I would forget. I would never. 


It is my first blog and I am so excited to get started. Bitlanders is a good way to express how we are feeling or if we want to share something that happens to us or mean a lot to us than we can do that on Bitlanders. Hope you guys have enjoyed my blog see you see you next week. Imma out see ya!

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