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Since the end of 2015, we made curious about the new movie titled Gods of Egypt. A fantasy film in which all the gods of Egypt described as a giant figure who is able to morph into the figure of air-Armor is very cool. For his own story inspired by the history of the gods of Egypt, where the sun god Ra had two children: Osiris and Set. From the trailer was already telling the main story itself is Seth (played by Gerard Butler) wanted to seize the kingdom of his own, namely Osiris. He killed Osiris and Horus challenged (played by Nikolaj Coster and Waldau) is the successor to the king Osiris. But Horus was defeated and both eyes put out. Then came a man named Defender (played by Brenton Thwaites) wants to help Horus revenge, by taking one of the eye of Horus. Bek and Horus adventure begins in the film Gods of Egypt.

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Gods of Egypt raised the royal and ancient Egyptian mythology. But you could see the technologies of the gods of Egypt more sophisticated than this era. For example, the god Ra (played by Geoffrey Rush) is described as the god riding a giant modern ships in space that every day fighting to repel Chaos (demon) who swallowed the earth.

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From the concept of adventure Gods of Egypt look cool. After I saw the end result, the film has many shortcomings. That is quite fatal is the acting of the actors were pretty flat. Brenton Thwaites, who plays the main character, Bek, succeeded quite well in action style of Egypt with good thief. But acting badly, almost all the scenes that the audience should be able to evoke emotions, it lost because his acting is flat. It is also seen in some other actor. Fortunately other actors such as the Gods of Egypt Coster-Waldau plays yange Horus, is more mild than others. And of course Gerard Buttler who had been in his comfort zone as a king or a Warrior in the classic movie before, pretty good Set plays villain in this film.

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The next deficiency is the CGI displayed itself. For class Holywood movie, the CGI of the Gods of Egypt still looks very rough. Especially at the Armor-Armor her gods. Some of the monsters also look rough, so it makes a nice piece of action should be, instead become ugly. One could even say, almost all the CGI in the film The Gods of Egypt, worse than the CGI cut scene shown in a video game today.

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However, the film still provides a good lesson for us. Many positive things we can get from good deeds main character. If you free this weekend, then the Gods of Egypt could be enough entertainment to fill your holiday time.

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