Movie Review: The American President

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Nominated with an Academy Award for Finest Music, The American President must have been deemed for other Oscars at the same time. Nevertheless, The American President is usually a fun affectionate comedy similar to the older Frank Capra motion pictures. Although certainly not handled along with kid hand protection, the American president results in as reasonably shy and innocent throughout his relationship with a Washington lobbyist, building a charming contrast with the power of his business office.

The plot structure from the American President is not new, and the screenplay by itself is not even close to masterful. However, what makes this movie so productive is how the cast breathes life in to the dialogue. Michel Douglas, acting as the President Andrew Shepard, shows the actual audience why he is a Showmanship titan. In this political earth, Shepard is actually king: enjoying unparalleled highs inside his job approval ranking. However, the president's private world is empty. The president's daughter is the only in close proximity person inside his private life, and he drastically misses his wife. Following an environmental policy meeting with Washington lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade (Annette Bening), Shepard thinks asking her out.

When the president does arrange a date with Sydney, her presence in the White House is leaked in the media, plus the president's agreement rating declines. The expanding scandal is actually further compounded through opposition innovator Senator Bob Rumson (Richard Dreyfuss) who uses this scandal as a launching mat for his own campaign to help win the presidency.

Among the most interesting facets of The American President is that the screenwriters made Andrew Shepard a widower rather than a divorcee. With the overall acceptance of divorce in the society, the video would not have worked if the president had been divorced Either way, The American President will certainly delight and entertain audiences of ages; this is exactly why it is an explicit must-see motion picture.


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