Mutan ka Jwan(episode#5)

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Mutan ka Jwan(episode#5)

On his bed Nawaz Gull came to his bed and said,”Shahzad,you shoud see his father.”

Then Hero said to Nawaz Gull,”Uncle,I go to see him dailly and I will also go to see them.”

On the next day Hero’s elder brother and his mother went to market for shopping.

At that time twelve Gunday come here for clear all things and money.When they beat to his mother and other people for running then hero’s brother beat them with angry mode. At last they caught to Hero’s Brother and beat mostly to him.When all people was hang up then hero’s father trace him.But Baloach’s coming and beat with Sticks and said them,”Imraan,I am enemy of you,recognize me, recognize me.I am Baloach.And all know that where I am come then all money of multan for me.”At that time Hero’s coming with her heroine,wearing a police uniform and lenzes with pistol. And Hero said them, “Hands up.” But when gunday run the guns then after saving themselves they also shot them a lots but Baloach ran from here. Five gunday caught and give the order to other police,”take them to Jail.” Then all people were very happy. His father call to hero.Then hero’s eyes were full with tears after hearing voice of father.

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