My 1st Donation - Lifevest Inside (4.25.2015)

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            Being reminded by this thought: "It is better to give than to receive", I decided to make my first donation at Bitlanders today, April 25, 2015. I choose Lifevest Inside to be the recipient. It cost me .500000btc

            It`s mission is to empower and unite the world with kindness. Lifevest Inside inspires people to recognize the potential they have to affect to recognize the  potential they have to affect real and positive change in this world through kindness. They set out to affect global change and fuel kindness through inspirational media, technology, education and on the ground social management.

Below is my screen shot on my purchase.

My order was confirmed.

I hope it will be delivered soon.

You can have you donation too. Check it at the shop.




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