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I get up at 04.30 and then I go to bathroom to take ritual ablution and prepare to pray dawn prayer and then I aproach PC in my office to online for a moment because I want to check my bitlanders account.  I am playing bitlanders whli eating my fovourite food from kampung inggris pare kediri, namely " tansu or ketan susu.

I wait the time to pray dzuha while check my improvement on bitlanders account by subbing and subscribing someone else, because with many subscriber, it will make my  buzzscore higher and higher every time. and I do not forget to claim the satoshi taht appears on my bitlanders account and I get 5 satoshi.

After praying dzuha, I open again my bitlanders account and it is amazing my friend is more and more because the effect of buzz and subsribe I did just now. I am happy with my activity today because I can get much knowledge by reading the blog from my friends on bitlanders.

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