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I've mentioned in my previous post that it was my first time to attend this Contemporary Art  Exhibit called Art Fair Philippines, if you haven't check it out yet you can read it here Art Fair Philippines 2019


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On my previous post, I focused on those Artworks that are merely black and white to suit my Monochromatic theme blog. But now, I'll reveal how crazy this experience to me and to my best friend. Since it was our 1st time to witness such an event, every detail and experience are so memorable to us. Surely, we'll always remember it as years passed by.


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It was such a unique experience for us to see different kinds of Artworks because most probably of Exhibit that I've been to are just paintings and all. I actually didn't expect so high in this exhibit but I guess Art Fair Philippines exceeds my expectations. Since we went to the exhibit on its last day, we expect that there will a huge amount of people who will visit and maximize the last day of the fair. And even though we went at The Link (where the exhibit was held) a bit late, the crowd is still huge. Not to judge anyone but I must admit that it feels like some people just went to the event only to gather Instagrammable photos (Don't get me wrong, I also took some photos to post in my social media but I just thought that it should be our main agenda, hence it must be appreciating those masterpieces) . But on the side note, I am glad that there are so many people who have an Interest in local and Asian Art. Okay! Enough for chitchats, gonna give you our unique and craziest moment in the said Art Fair. So let's go!!!




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Okay, you can laugh because that's a funny title right there. But seriously, seeing this photo who would have known that we are actually indoors and not in some park in Canada. (I think I got too excited when I saw that real leaves in the ground that I asked Nancy quickly to take a photo of me sitting in the ground with the background of the Artwork behind me. Yay!) How Ironic because there is actually a long chair in the middle of the place. As we sit, we thought of something Instagrammable post. So we placed the map and the guide to the floor, put some leaves above the guide to make it more Aesthetic. (I know we're just bunch of crazy aspiring artists).

I think the leaves really gave a huge impact on the ambiance of the whole paintings. 


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Most of the paintings around the room are related to nature, basically has a color palette of Green, Yellow and Brown. Here's a not-so-stolen photo of Nancy looking and appreciating the Art. (I love the ray of the lights above her, it gives highlights to the Art and to Nancy). Speaking of that requested photo of mine earlier, I have no guts to post it because it didn't look decent at all (I only have 1 or 2 decent photos in this fair, Uhh but that doesn't make me sad.)

Okay after we went to Canada, I mean to that park-like gallery the next stop is the beach!!! (Woah right there, there's a beach in Art Fair Philippines?? Really??? Nah, I'm just kidding!)


"Step on the Sand and Make Footprints" by Ray Albano


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The place was like a huge sandbox. But surely the aim of this artist was literally step on the sand and make footprints. At first sight, I and Nancy were like “Woah, this is so cool!!!” but simply it's just sanded. Like normally when you go to the beach. You walk through the sand and leave footprints. The Artist wanted us to discover something new to ourselves or to humanity itself.

As we walk through this huge sandbox, we decided o take a photo of our feet and I clearly remember a certain verse in the Bible saying “Wherever you set your foot, it will be your territory”. I also realized that our journey in life is like this huge sandbox. As we walk and have this adventure, we unconsciously left marks to the previous place we've been through. It's like meeting or bumping to different kinds of people, make sure to leave a mark to their life. And as we reach our destination, it will make us smile whenever we look back because we'll realize that everything happened to us is part of our adventure to make it to our exact destination.

Okay, that was one rollercoaster realization I have in there. Next stop is another peaceful place where bookworms will surely enjoy.


“FOREST FOR THE TREES” by Christina Quisumbing Ramilo


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One of my favorite place in the Art Fair!!! Welcome to the library!!! Now we moved indoors since we went to Park and beach earlier LOL! Okay but I love this concept, it's a library of books made of woods reclaimed from old houses. But these woods aren't just simple woods. You see there are words written in those woods, and I was surprised when I knew that those words are actually the origin story of each artist.

I saw different words, phrases, Bible verses and more. But what catches my attention are those words that seem to cry out. Longing for them to be heard. It was such an eye-opener to what is really happening to our society. Some are battling with their anxiety and depression. Some are reminding us to take good care of ourselves, not just physically but mentally as well. It hurts me to see people suffer from such things. But at the same time, I was reminded by the word of someone, “Hope”. I believe there are still hope, and we should not stop believing in what is good.

Here's some clip about the said Art Fair including the Forest for Trees:

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Indeed that was one amazing experience. And now moving forward to the next destination! Finally, we're here, The Art Hub!




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Okay, this wasn't part of the exhibit but aren't you curious why is it included here? Well, you might be aware of how geek we are when it comes to Artworks and masterpiece. Like, we always wanted to look closer, touch the piece (which is clearly prohibited in every exhibit) and do brainstorming like, “What paints did you think the Artist use?”, “What brand of the brush does the Artist like to use? Does he use a synthetic brush?”. We always got amazed every time we saw Artist with their own weapons. Surely we shouldn't depend on those as much as possible but exploring materials are my kind of thing.

So as we explore one museum-like painting, we saw these materials from the side of the room. And yes the work was so detailed that he didn't finish with his piece yet. What a dedication and passion this Artist possess.

Truly, Artists are one of the most patients and persevering people in the world.



Now that the tour is over (Hahaha! Kidding!!) let's proceed with the next unique experience we had in Art Fair Philippines 2019.




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These wood panel medium by Ms. Yuta Ikehara was beside Fundancion Sanso's Gallery (as far as I can remember). I can still remember how detailed and amazing her work is. I was really curious about what medium she used in this Artwork because it doesn't seem like any canvas, then we discovered that it was actually wood. Her style was kinda abstract and out of this world. I see a slight of Galaxy and expressionist. I cannot explain further how good her artwork was! But definitely, it's astonishing. Also, not to mention that the actual Artist was present in the gallery. Yes, Ms. Yuta Ikehara was there, entertaining questions from guests. Unfortunately, we were too coward to ask her questions or stuff.



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Next stop is a gallery full of realistic painting deep into waters. As soon as I saw it, I really felt like crying because it seems too realistic. As if you are looking at those paintings soaked in water. Do you have any idea how hard it is to paint it??? Well maybe because I really had a hard time painting sea, waters, and waves the reason I was so overwhelmed with these kinds of works. This was at a higher level of creativity, it's just too good to be true.

In this work, it was like a woman, soaking herself into the water. I felt the emotion all over the work. It can be both positive and negative. Maybe he's drowning into so much happiness and got overwhelmed by the good things happening to her life. Or it could be sadness or pain. Most of you might think it's actually the 2nd one. It's a photo of a woman drowning in her own sadness, pain, worries, and anxiety. It's sad but most of the time, it's true.




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Another piece that caught my attention is this Pebbles Oil painting. Looks so simple right? But for me, this is one is so hard to paint. Aside from I'm really having a hard time painting stuff that is actually white, making it really realistic in the naked eyes. The thing about painting white in the canvas is you have to make what you are painting visible through shadows and edges. (And man I suck at those things) I believe you have to imagine and see it before you could paint it. It might be easy if you have the reference but it will require you some skills to accomplish such a technique.

Another thing that adds up to the aura of the painting for it to look realistic is the actual pebble placed in front of the artwork. Trust me, it adds up so much value to the painting itself.

Yay!! And now we're down with the final experience!



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Okay before you protest and say “That's not even Instagrammable! ” this is my only decent photo in the Art Fair (take note that this one is edited already). Of course, my Art Fair Philippines Experience will not be complete if I will not have an Instagrammable photo with one of the masterpieces in the exhibit. Despite having few selfie or Instagrammable photo I am still happy because I was able to witness, appreciate, learn new stuff about Art in general. I wasn't expecting much but I guess this exhibit exceeded my expectations.

All in all, it was a fun, crazy and awesome experience!!! My first Art Fair Philippines experience was a blast!!! And I'm hoping and looking forward to next year's Art Fair Philippines!!!

Then there you have it! I hope you enjoy our Art Fair Philippines Experience!!! Thank you for reading and have a great day!!!



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