My Beauty is Extra Ordinary..

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 We’re having a friendly date with Korean friends together with my girl friends last night and I was referring this pretty girl on the front right to one of the Korean (they were 3 men) since the girl finds the Korean guy cute. Then suddenly another Korean friend said “Why are you referring him to your friend, eh he likes you!” OMG! I wasn’t shock! Haha because I know from the first met to them this Korean guy finds me attractive but me just ignored it. Then I was like laugh out loud so that the conversation will end that way. Haha


Then in my head, Why is it easy for me to attract old men while hard for me to be attracted to teenage guys? I must say, my beauty is extra ordinary. I’ve known someone too who feels the same way with the Korean but the thing is I am good friends with them. Haha I’m just a friendly girl and not gonna take things seriously. My beauty is only for old guys! HAHA #crazy

As for now, I am not looking for romance relationship because I’m busy with my school career and that’s my priority at the moment. Love relationship will go later, just enjoying life while I’m single and able to mingle. haha

On the other hand, I think I’m not gonna call myself as one of the teens since I’m turning 2ne1 tomorrow Feb. 6 and this age is not anymore belong to teenage level. So far my age is growing older yet looking younger :D #approved

Haha! Sabihin niyo na kapal mukha ko, eh ganun tayo eh? Love your own! haha



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