My Bitlander Experience and It's Dynamic Webiste

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BitLanders is a great new Social Media that gives people an opportunity to enjoy the essence of Facebook at the same time gain a little bit of rewards from it. They have foreseen the great photos and blogs people contribute in Facebook and they did not get anything from it thus Bitlanders gave them the great opportunity to be given a chance to be published on online sites and magazine thus gain a little bit of something from it. 

I myself came from a site that pays me for blogging and that site turns out to be slow on this days but a blessing came from me when a friend chatted me and told me about this site and I was really intrigued about it. Now I am on this site learning at the same time happily communicating with my friends from that old site that I am talking about. I am happy and enjoying my experience here and still figuring out somethings also. I hope you will enjoy and stay loyal on this wonderful site. Have a great day and more power to Bitlanders.  

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