My bitLanders Total Revenue for December 2016: 120$

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I was looking at my blog posts today and found something is missing. I realized, I have not made any total earnings blog entry for the month of December. So, I immediately opened the orders page to check it.

Then I also realized, I had only redeemed three times last month, two of them were done on the last day of the year but all of them had been delivered so that's great.

Total this month is a hundred and twenty dollars. Not bad considering that the tiaras had already expired and I am just depending on my base buzz and the few buzzes I am earning from the blogs and movies that I send for review.

Actually, the total month earning should be 170+ dollars, the 54$ was actually spent for the gems that I purchased solely for the purpose of the Three Kings Crown. 

That's it, hopefully this will encourage you all to also work in bitlanders, to more blogs and movie submissions.

Cheers! Happy New Year guys!


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