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Why to use organic cotton?

We know that using organic and natural products is not only good for the earth, is also good for us.. consuming organic products makes us healthier and reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals from our body.
Now.. what can be the problem with the traditional cotton? think about it.. by far, this is the most used clothing fabric in the world, more than $300 billion global market.  Can you imagine the amount of insecticides and synthetic fertilizers? the amount of chemicals used in the process?

If you have a sensitive skin, synthetic pesticides, chemicals and artificial dyes can make it worse your skin condition.  Organic fibers are hypoallergenic and free of chemicals.

Organic cotton was grown in 22 countries like India, Turkey, China, United States, Peru, Egypt and others.

Organic Pima cotton in Peru (this type of cotton also produced in US and Australia) is harvested entirely by hand!  Its a very thin, soft, fine fibre and its classified within the best extra long staples (ELS) of the world.

A regular cotton t shirt lasts for about 20 machine wash cycle, but the organic cotton t shirt last for more than 100 machine washes!  At the end, we do not only reduced toxic chemicals used in the process what makes the working environment unsafe for employees and pollutes neighboring communities, we also save money and we have a superior quality product.


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