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 One of my favorite cars in the world is the F-Bomb Camaro . What I love about the F-Bomb is that it is a muscle car with a lot of horsepower and it is still very stylish and classy .Most of the F-Bomb today still have their original factory color which is green .Even though the F-Bomb doesn't have a stylish interior it  makes up for that by being super fast .

      The F-Bomb was most popular when it appeared in the Fast and the Furious Series driven by Vin Diesel .The F-Bomb Camaro is actually designed from a bomb ,which comes from the name F-Bomb which is the logo of the car .The actual picture of the bomb is on the side of the car .This car is so beautiful and powerful ,drive down the street and he rev that engine ,heads will be turning from all around .These are just some of the reasons why the F-Bomb Camaro is the greatest car in the world .

      F-Bomb Camaro vs. Ferrari Enzo in a drag race ,I'll bet my money on the F-Bomb.   


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