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Snuff is the traditional item of Asian countries specially Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is commonly used in pathan society and while going to market you will find every third person putting on spitting snuff. It is called “Naswar” in local language. One day an idea came to my mind, why not should I try some snuff and have this experience. I went to my uncle’s room and stole a packet of snuff. I came to my own room, locked the door and sat comfortable, opened the packet and smell it. Oh my goodness! What a bad smell? How people can bear it. No, no I am not going to try it. But I heard the voice of my heart. Be brave! You can do it. I made a small cube of snuff by pressing it between my fingers. I closed my nose and at once put that cube under my lower lip.


I wanted to go outside but when I tried to stand up. I realized that my bed was flying. I tightly held the edges of bed and it seemed to me that I am sitting on a “flying carpet as soon as I stood up the floor was slipping under my feet. I managed to come out of room and went towards the lounge where my family was sitting. I reached to the nearest table very slowly and after having table in my both hands I tried to reach the sofa lying nearby. Everything was circling around me. I was ridiculous by doing so in front of my family. My mother told me to bring tea from kitchen there arise another strange situation. I was walking tilting towards one side. The saliva of my mouth took the flavor of snuff and it seemed that of needles were pricking in my throat. I spat the snuff, washed my mouth but I was not feeling well.  I suddenly fell on the ground and became unconscious. When I opened my eyes after a few hours, I saw my all family members surrounding me and rewarding me with their comments, snuff, and snuff.


“Do you need some more snuff”?

My sister slapped me but I tolerated and hugged my mother to avoid their mocking faces and comments. After that day I never tried again to put snuff because that experience was enough for me.

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i am syed hidayatullah.i have done msc in mathematics from pakistan.And now i am a bloger at filmannex.and feeling great

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