My Heart Is Still True

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My Heart Is Still True

Why can’t I just walk away?
Why does it keep hurting me this way?

I can’t think of anything else,
It’s just you and nobody else.

The world just keeps circling around,
I feel orphaned and I feel am not found.

Your sweet smile,
Stays in my heart all the while.

But you don’t want me,
And u just want to be free.

Why this pain I have to endure,
Every single time in the name of love I can’t be cured.

I just wanted one thing from you,
To stay in your heart, to be true only to you.

It’s now clear to me that it does not matter to you,
Whenever I do something, to get over you.

It’s just pain, pain and pain that won’t end,
I am left with nobody, not even a friend.

I just came to you seeking for an answer such,
Dear, why do I love you so much?

But it matters to you not, how much love I am in,
There is no future, for me therein.

I feel so helpless, and only in tears,
For you just made true, my greatest fears,

Of losing you,
Which I never wished would be true.

What lacks in me, I still don’t understand,
Your abuse on my face, which I cannot withstand.

Is it the wrath of the gods, or the heavenly beings?
Who want me to suffer, and die therein?

But even the devil, laughs out loud and yells,
Telling me that I am suffering even more than hell.

Why this pain?
Why can’t my life just drain?

Is it wrong to have loved you so much?
Is it wrong that I just loved your gentle touch?

Is it wrong that I dreamed of keeping you smiling?
Is it wrong that I dreamed of never letting you alone and crying?

Is it wrong that I promised to make your life heaven?
Is it wrong that I take your name in front of god and say Amen?

All I ever wanted was this little thing,
To let me express my love and sing,

for you, of how much I care and respect,
How much I crave for your love, and not be a reject.

But all that I, never, thought about you,
You just made it all come true.

You clearly don’t want me, it is obvious,
You just want me to leave you, that is obnoxious.

WHY WHY WHY this hate?
Why does this so called love, just bring me fate?

Are you happy now, that I will be gone?
Are you so happy, that every second pricks me like a thorn?

You forgot our happy talks?
You forgot our long walks?

What did I do, that you made me so sad?
What did I do, that makes me so bad?

What about the times, we used to share sweets words?
What about the time, when our care for each other, never went unheard?

You were so blunt, right on my face,
To just end my care, and end this phase.

Please, don’t do this to me,
I will die; it’s a bond that won’t set me free.

I fall at your feet, I am begging in tears,
Don’t do this to me; don’t give life to my fears.

I swear, I will do whatever you ask,
It’s your love, in which I feel glory, as I bask.

Please don’t, ask me to leave,
Please, it’s my love that I want you to believe.

I never hated you for your past,
I support you still, just to help you move on fast.

Please don’t do this, please just don’t,
Stop loving you? GOD I won’t.

Just give me the chance you never gave,
And I promise to love you, and change the way things behave.

Please don’t ask me, not to tell,
That I love you, which I am even ready to yell.

I am just sitting, alone in a corner,
Thinking of you, as you move farther.

I just look up at the gods above,
Just whispering the words of love.

“Oh god, my love was crushed thrice,
What do you have in hold for me, that u think is wise?”

“I was not wrong; I have been true to her,
All I tell her, is that I will love her, forever.”

“Oh god! Do you like my tears so much?
Then just take my eyes, and take my heart as such.”

“God, you will have my loving heart, which is beating,
Which is for her, because of whom, even my teary eye will start bleeding”

“Hope you will be happy, my dear all mighty.
For you just made your son cry, suffer, and not stand worthy.”

“Love just ended for me, I know I am not blessed,
I question you Cupid, why do you keep me distressed?”

“But just for the record, I will tell you my beloved love,
I still pray for you, and hope that god, would bless you from above.”

I will not stop loving you,
For I have known my heart, for it has always been very true.


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