My Leaderboard Ranks (day 1 & day 2)

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When I joined here 4 months ago, It was not as interesting, exciting and not as easy to earn like what we are experiencing right now. But  when we entered 2015 starting from last weeks of December, everything is going smoothly. Although I don't still  get how to make my scores high even with my earnings.

From December, bitlanders gave most of us the opportunity to boost our scores by their Christmas Promo "Christmas Outfit" that's the time when I saw most of our friends here  got a high buzz scores  and gained a high revenue. I wasn't able to buy that set. That's why  I regret  when I didn't purchase it.

This February, a lot of promos is in the shop right now like; the heart balloon and the cricket uniforms that gave boosts to our scores as well as our earnings. Then 2 days ago, I didn't expect this would happen.

Geez!!! I'm on the top 5 on Day 1 of  our leaderboard chart. I saw it from sis Jean's post in her mb page. at first I was not sure if the avatar with yellowgreen helmet is mine because that day I already changed my outfit. So what I did was I look around the page to look for the leaderboard page and it's me! Oh well, it really feels great to be on the top 5. Thank to you my precious gems and crickets and heart balloon and to my co-members who keeps on visiting I can't reach  this with out you. I know that. thank you very much!


Last night I was shocked I leveled up to rank no.4! Oh good one! But i think it's also my last day of being on top 5. Some of the items I bought expired today =( And I want to stop buying more I want to make a cash out on Monday so, I'll give chance to others too. Go, go go guys c'mon you can do it !!!



I'm so in love with bitlanders already but please I hope there's more promos next month again like these. 



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