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Given that the lipdub I shot 2011 just went over 400k visits on the internet, I want to share with you my experience doing one of these.

First of all, I don´t like what lies beneath this format, a bunch of students in disguise dancing, laughing and doing a lot of internal jokes for themselves without the viewer to understand them. As usual, amateurish style: shaky camera, shot in more than one take and without caring color or lighting.

When I was offered this job I accepted for it two reasons:

1-my mother is a doctor and she graduated in that university, so when I was little (she was still studying) I spent many hours there with her; I even visited the morgue when I was 4! 

2-I love to shoot long takes, so doing a lipdub was a nice try to do a difficult one.

My approach to lipdub making was different: I tried to mix content, technique and rythm without cutting in a format that it doesn´t tell anything else than: look at my university, look at all of us having fun!

This lipdub features a story: it tells how a student joins the Faculty of Medicine and starts studying medicine, going through many subjects, exams, tests, until he gets the degree in medicine. You can see teachers from the university, representations of different subjects, how the students suffer preparing the final exams and how they finally get over them.

It also was done with a nice steadycam, we cared about the changes of light and I colored it later in postproduction to get a nicer look.

Did I like to work on this project? Yes and no.

Yes, for the challenge that it was to get it done in just one take and tell a story + caring that the lyrics also work with what it´s depicted on the image (for example, when the bike appears, the singer is saying "I don´t want to stop running", perfect synchronization!); I loved it.

No, because this is not my field; I love cinema, publicity, music videos and experimental videos, so for me this was more like having a little bit of fun. Also, dealing with over 400 students is hard; they don´t stop talking and there are many who aren´t that motivated to take a project seriously (others, in the other hand, where very participative and I´m very grateful to them).

The final result? I hope you enjoy it! 

If you want to check how it was to do this behind the camera, here you have me and the camera operator running all over the university singing out loud and directing the students... Fun but tough!

After this project I´ve been offered to do so many lipdubs but I always rejected the jobs for the reasons mentioned above.

One is fair enough for the money those are getting payed!

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