My opinions on why buzz and revenues are dropping

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I am sure about one thing: Filmannex helped a lot of us. This platform made us understand and know other cultures, but is also true that a lot of people are here due to the possibile income that is offered. There is nothing bad in that, as long as we all post good contents. 

These days a lot of people asked me why our buzz and revenues are dropping, and I have a couple of things to say. First, I'm not an admin, a mod or the designer of the site: I have some opinions, nothing more. You should ask people who really know something, because all I can give to your are guesses and not answers. 

In my opinion, we are doing nothing bad, nor are doing Filmannex supervisors. Some months ago we experienced some dropping of the buzz score caused by the anti-spam policy, that teached us that spam won't help us to gain money: it will only make us and all the other people here lose time. So we learned to post good contents, and a lot of us had an increase of revenues and buzz score. In these days buzz and revenues are very unstable, but we are doing nothing wrong. I have a theory about the cause of this mess: everyday new bloggers are signing up into Filmannex. If on one side this is a good and auspicable thing, it is also a bad thing for us because lot of these new people are making spam. We all know not to spam, it is very important to maintain the quality of the site, but new users may not know this too. 

I also noticed that there are some days in which buzz have a strong increase: I thing those are the days when these spammers are banned from the site, so our buzz and revenues gain from it. We cannot stand aganst spammers simply because they will post hundred of bad blogs everyday, but we have to rely on the ability of mods and admins to block these people (or, at least, to teach them not to spam as we were taught too).

So, when you ask me "Is there something I can do?" the only thing I can say to you is "You have to wait until spammers understand not to spam". You can also try to publish more good contents (because they have higher value than spam posts), I think it would help (but PLEASE don't spam too!). I think that no one has a magic wand to make people understand that their actions affects others, and I'm 100% that Filmannex supervisors are doing the best they can to make things stable again for everyone. 

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