My Personal Book Collection - Part 1

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I've been collecting historic vintage books for some time now. From Holy Bibles to Dante's to Shakespeares' to Twain's. I get obsessed with it from time to time. I think these old books are full of history that should be preserved. No human on earth right now can make and publish such books. The papers, the inks, the binding, the vellums, the leafs - such beauty they hold. 

So here is part 1 of my book collection, along with several personal objects.

Books Collection #1

(from bottom left):

1. A.A. Beckett's "The Comic History of Rome" [1850]

2. Mark Twain's First Edition of "1601" [1882]

3. "The Holy Bible together with The Apocrypha" [1776]

4. William Shakespeare's "Comedies, Histories & Tragedies - The 1685 Fourth Folio" [1685]

5. David's "Book of Psalms'" - [circa. 1500s]

6. Theodore Thomas' "Famous Composers & Their Works" [1891]

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